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Linda photo
President, Linda Lipke - Linda is an art/music advocate working as a community volunteer to raise funds to support the arts. She has over four decades of experience producing live events and supporting film and video crews throughout the Pacific Northwest. She served on the Washington State Arts Comission for two terms along with Rick Epting and on the Lincoln Theatre Board of Directors. Linda has been a tireless advocate for exposing children to art at an early age and is making a difference in our community.

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Vice President, Steve Clarke - Steve is an editor and web producer by day and singer-songwriter and volunteer in the Skagit music scene on evenings and weekends. Currently performing with the acoustic trio "Mann Road," Steve volunteered with Community Action of Skagit County prior to the pandemic and most recently has helped out with numerous REFA and Anacortes Music Project events. A familiar face at open mics around the region, Steve hopes to give back as much as he gets enjoying the bountiful natural and artistic riches of this area.
Sara photo
Treasurer, Sara Holahan - Sara is a librarian, music fan and community activist. She has served on the boards of Mount Vernon Library Foundation, Anacortes Food Coop, Fidalgo Bay Aquatic Reserve Committee, Skagit Valley Soccer Association and Anacortes High School PTSA. She has volunteered with the Lincoln Theatre and Anacortes Community Theatre. She also adores dancing, theater and literary arts. She says her artistry is only expressed through her gardens and mosaics and is in awe of the diversity and talent of artists in Skagit County.
Debra Crowe-Vitale photo
Secretary, Debra Crowe-Vitale - Debra may be a newcomer to Anacortes but not when it comes to appreciating art, music, and live performances. She grew up surrounded by a family of musicians, painters, and ceramists. She learned how to play clarinet and saxophone during the school years, participating in a variety of bands (marching, jazz, concert), and is currently learning how to play mandolin. She enjoys live music and theater performances. She also enjoys spoken word, publishing one poetry book through MyPublisher.
Chris photo
Trustee, Chris Terrell - Chris currently sits on the Board of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Board member of Skagit Symphony, Co-founder and Board Member of Charlie Randall Pet Foundation, Member of the Mainieri Foundation Jazz Committee, and Member of the Depot Arts and Community Center committee. Chris not only dedicates his tireless energies to these foundations and boards but in his position as CEO of How It Works he has contributed countless dollars worth of his company's services to non profit fund raisers in the form of graphics, printing, posters, consulting and ad copy.
Ranger photo
Trustee, Ranger Kidwell-Ross - Ranger Kidwell-Ross is a Master’s level economist who is president of Skagit County-based American Proofreading Co. Long an advocate of giving back for the greater good, Ranger was a founding member of an early Skagit County-based environmental group, Habitat Watch. He served on the Citizen’s Advisory Board for the Environmental Element of the Washington State Comprehensive Plan, as well as spent a year as a member of the Advisory Board of the Skagit Valley Herald.
John photo
Trustee, John Sollie Holmes - A retired Software Developer who has lived in Skagit Valley most of his life. He is a musician and songwriter and currently performs in The Holmes Shea Band and Pacific Twang. He also has a home recording studio which has thrived on the creative energy and friendships of local musicians. He first met Rick Epting when Rick wanted to do a CD project at the studio and was touched by his ever-positive and enthusiastic energy for supporting and preserving the arts in the Skagit Valley and the greater Pacific Northwest.

We also want to give our THANKS and APPRECIATION to our previous Board Members
Kathleen Faulkner, Mark Warren, Steve Stolpe, Sandra Benton,
Jamie Shea, Thaddeus Hink, Bobbi Krebs-McMullen, Elfa Gisla, Will Bard,
Regan Robertson, and Rusty Robertson for the time and energy they contributed to this organization.

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